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My writing services cater to the unique needs of international clients.

Writing Services

Premium Content Writing Services

Over the years, I have learned a little bit about other languages. When I used to try to communicate using spoken French, in a (Canadian) French culture, I was laughed at. Such an outcome would be a disaster for your business, or for any hope of your getting business in the Canadian or North American market. I live, work, and teach in Toronto, Canada, the largest business market in this country. I can help you.


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What services do you offer?

My services are to the right. I also have a special download for you; no obligation to buy!

What are the fees?

The answer to this will depend on your needs. I offer my services by the hour (two-hour minimum), on a package basis, or on a project basis.

How long will it take?

For smaller projects – projects taking up to four hours – my turnaround for that first draft is typically 48-72 hours, not including weekends or holidays. For rush work or work on weekends or holidays, there is a 25% surcharge. This work will be turned around in 24-36 hours.

Are you ready to start a conversation that could lead to more successful messages?

  • Blogging Whether with you or for you, given raw ideas and data, I can produce Web-ready blog posts for you.
  • Copywriting If you need to market yourself, your products, or your services, then you need compelling copy. I can help you craft that copy or boost the copy you have!
  • Cover Letters and Résumés I can help you get ready for your career. My skills here are particularly relevant for you if you are planning to or just entering the North American job market.
  • Educational Content For 28 years and counting, I have been able to hone my skill set and material in education. I can help trainers and teachers with preparation of course materials, step-by-step lessons, and how-to videos.
  • Ghost Writing I help clients who do not have time to, or could not wordsmith their otherwise powerful messages for their blogs, various social media channels, and for their websites.
  • Light Editing Sometimes called post-editing, these services are for those people who are satisfied with their messages, but need to make sure they read correctly, flow, follow good sentence structure, have correct syntax, and so forth.
  • Social Media The way I can help you with your social media will vary, depending on your content, and the channels you have chosen or will choose (e.g., Twitter). I can write, tweak, create, post, and even manage your content.

  • I have created all sorts of business correspondence, reports, letters, social media content, web content, technical writing, and yes, blog posts as well.

My writing services cater to the unique needs of international clients.

If English is your second language, I will make sure your message is not lost in translation.


Your first consultation - whether phone or Skype call or through email - for up to 30 minutes is f-r-e-e

If you are not satisfied with the initial content, within reason I will edit or update it for f-r-e-e

Click the links below to view samples of my work:

If you need to market yourself, your products, or your services, then you need compelling copy. I can help you craft that copy or boost the copy you have!


Rob has an ability to weave words in ways that accentuate the extensive research he has performed on behalf of the subject. He finds and focuses on information that would easily have been missed by other researchers. His writing is reliable, thorough, and engaging.

Pat Williams
CyberCletch LLC

Rob Neilly is a creative writer with a talent for developing educational materials that will motivate and challenge students. In his work on the Windows 8 skills in our Guidelines for Microsoft® Office 2013 textbook, he frequently delved into research and uncovered colorful (and useful) bits of information—like how to take advantage of the integrated search features in Windows 8 apps. He is also an interesting person to work with!

Cheryl Drivdahl, Senior Editor
Paradigm Publishing, Inc.

Rob Neilly is an amazingly skilled and dependable writer!
It took me three years to find a writer whose skills, grammar, punctuation, and style was professional enough for me to comfortably use on my websites and blogs – as well as offer to my clients. Rob has never failed to meet, and in fact exceeds my expectations! If it is editing, proofreading, or writing; Rob is the only person I trust to handle my content needs.
He has written business brochures, website content, blog posts, articles and marketing materials for myself and for my clientele. He has also written radio interviews, and in addition hosted shows on my Small Business Success (radio) Network. If you need a writer, then hire Rob!

Cassandra Patton
CEO of Campaign Promotions, LLC.

Special Download - Ten Proven Ways to Effectively Edit Your Work

If you are like most people - myself included - you will want your written work to be as perfect, and importantly, as brief, as possible. Business people are busy people, and as readers, they appreciate this golden rule: "Less is More". To shape or craft your writing from its initial form to something more readable, more engaging, more effective, and more succinct, you will need all the tools you can get. The following Top Ten Tips for editing are drawn from two decades in the workplace, plus over two decades of teaching college students in Office Administration.

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My skills

My writing services cover these basic industries or broad categories:


    Education and Training

    Industry-Specific Experience

    Presenting and Public Speaking

    Social Media


    Work and Career Experience

    Virtual Assistance


Do you need to develop materials for the North American market, write papers or write your ideas in English, or present a compelling new product or idea?


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