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Are you  trying to position yourself as a subject-matter expert? Are new to the English language, and need to make sure your website copy, form, document, or letter are expertly crafted by a native English speaker in Canada? You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome you to Successful Messages.

My Experience and Expertise

Being exposed to a diverse set of industries, career paths, and perhaps most important of all, the world of higher education, has helped me immensely. I invested heavily for decades, and have experience in:

  • Content writing of all kinds
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Higher Education

How to Get Help

If you need help in conveying – writing about or speaking to – any of the above messages, I know I can be of assistance. Please write to me, Rob, in care of I will get back to you promptly. Importantly, the first consultation or question answered is always free. For your convenience, I’ve added a contact form below.


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Windows, Linux, or Both? Both. I have been an avid–okay, in truth, an enthusiastic–Windows user for over three decades. I know, this dates me. So be it. Wisdom, perhaps. Currently, I’m running Windows 10X on one laptop and Microsoft Windows 11 on another. Yes, I actually like Windows! Long ago, I was involved in computer …

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Working from home

Less is (Usually) More

Please, do not, ever, be 100% reliant with the grammar or spelling checker your browser (or word processing program, like Microsoft (r) Word) uses.

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